i feel a little lost today...

...so lost that i don't feel like using caps AT ALL (haha irony). i'm struggling to use puncuation. & by lost i mean i feel purpose-less and dysfunctional and totally non-productive, hence me typing a blog (confession: i periodically forget that i even have one & then suddenly remember it in times of desperate procrastinatio
n). speaking of lost...tonight is LOST's 100th episode! congratulations guys! i'm sorry i can't be there to partake, but i've actually lost count at this point of 
how many episodes i've missed this season. oops. 

so they just changed the music at portland brew from radiohead to some country rockabilly crap. ew. i was really feelin the radiohead. thanks portland brew people. 

i got a twitter account and love it. love it. love it. you don't have a twitter account, you say? well i say in response that you should either go live with the amish or catch up to the times. (confession: i didn't jump on the twitter bandwagon until a week ago.)

my grandmother got a facebook.

i rode my bike today and almost DIED. no a car didn't hit me and i didn't crash into a trash can or mailbox. i'm just THAT out of shape. neato.

i want to get donuts and coffee or a taco or burger and fries with lorelai and rory. they are my heroes right now. 

besides one melissa carter who is traveling the country for The Rescue. these people are so amazing for their passion and dedication. 

we have a dog, temporarily (or maybe forever...*fingers crossed*) until it's owner claims it. we've named her lucy for today, although her name is still a hot topic to be debated further. i'll let you know...

welp. it's movie-renting time. (someone PLEASE remind me to stop spending money at blockbuster and various coffee shops)

peace out, homies.

PS--if anyone wants to buy me a bonnaroo ticket, let me know! the closer june 11 comes, the sadder inside i get that i will not be attending. t
his photo captures what i'm missing out on (minus the drugs, of course) 

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  1. i love this post & i love you. feeling lost and purpose-less is so hard. i've felt that way a time or two...or three or four. i find hope & joy in the little ways in which find ourselves again, our True selves that is. God is good like that. i have a twitter too & i'm going to rush on the site to follow you. bikes are neat and so are unexpected puppies. much love, dear friend.