oh my goodness. i just found this video on youtube of the sigur ros concert at benaroya hall in seattle, WA.  i went there for my fall break two weeks ago to see them and visit a friend. the video is of the first song they played in their show that night. when they hit the first note, i remember being so moved and i cried. at the very first note. It was such a beautiful moment and it's completely inexplicable why.  and I'm watching the video again and tears are streaming down my face. I can't describe why it moves me so much. but anyways...just wanted to share the link for anyone who might want to watch it.  maybe it's the memory of actually being there that makes it so special. i think i can call that night one of the best of my entire life. if i leave you with anything, all i can say is GO SEE SIGUR ROS LIVE. it will make your life.